We would like to spark your interest in an exciting program designed to help improve the lives of adults living with mental illnesses. Even if you already know about us, we like to share with you program opportunities that may interest you. Our program called Foot Print to Success Clubhouse. We provide pre-vocational training to youth and adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses. Clubhouse participants come here every day to participate in a program that will teach them life skills and computer literacy so that they can become confident in their abilities to return to work or even make smart educational choices, such as earning their high school diploma through GED tutoring and /or pursuing further educational training through vocational schools and schools of higher education. Participants learn and develop the after mentioned life skills from behaviors, modeled by staff. These involve appropriate communication, examining values; identifying the challenges of change; developing a positive attitude; coping with stress; resolving conflict; budgeting money; and time management.
Clubhouse Participants and FAU Student Nurses