Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Individual Placement and Support services are based on individual preferences. A genuine desire and motivation to seek employment is the main criteria for people wanting to obtain their ideal job. An individual’s personal interests, strengths, skills and experience are explored. IPS is more than filling a job vacancy-it’s about fulfilling an employment dream. Employment is important to our social status and identify as it provides social connectivity.

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Job seekers are employed in jobs of their choice 91Members
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What is IPS - Individual Placement and Support?

IPS is an evidence-based, supported employment model providing a means for individuals living with a mental illness to seek and obtain competitive employment.

The 8 core practice principles of IPS

  • Competitive employment
  • Integrated with mental health treatment
  • Zero exclusion
  • Individual preferences
  • Benefits counseling
  • Rapid job search
  • Job development
  • Time unlimited and individualized support

Think about this:

  • Of 19.89 million people in Florida, 1.839 million live in Broward County
  • Prevalence rate is 4.1% for Serious Mental Illness (SMI): 75,399 people ages 18 and over in Broward County have a mental illness
  • If 84.7% is the Florida average, the unemployment rate is 63,862 that are not working, and of those, if at least 66% want to work, 42,149 need access to IPS Supported Employment
  • You can help to bring down the unemployment rate for people with mental illness by working with us.

Debunking the fears about mental illness and employment

This is what employers who have employed someone with mental illness say

  • 63% positive or very positive experience
  • 68% still employ someone with a mental illness
  • 78% fit in well
  • 53% are good for the company
  • 67% are hard working
  • Only 1 in 10 employers report a negative experience

Your business can benefit from employing our people in the following ways:

  • Access to a new source of skilled labor
  • Potentially reduce staff turnover and loyal and productive employees
  • Inclusive workplace with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Personal satisfaction of seeing past the stigma and hiring the best person
  • For the job who may have a mental illness
  • Access to incentives: Hiring someone with a disability may save you
  • Significant money on your taxes in the long run.
  • The Internal Revenue Service makes conscessions for business owners who hire those who meet disability eligibility requirements.
  • Training: We can arrange mental illness awareness training for your employers and their co-workers and provide information to the employers about what to expect from a new worker who may have a mental illness.
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Introducing IPS Supported Employment

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