Frequently Asked Questions?


What is a Work Ordered Day?

A work ordered day resembles a normal business working day. It engages members in all the operations of the Clubhouse. There are several work units that members can choose daily for their work assignments. Some work units are: Business/Finance, Media/Education, and Culinary.



Why am I not getting paid when I am working at the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse Model is based on the work ordered day which centers on the development of skills necessary for employment in a competitive job market. In a work ordered day members learn teamwork, and the development of interpersonal skills, such as job interviewing, communication and problem-solving.



How many hours can I work at the Clubhouse?

Membership is voluntary and you may participate in as many hours that you choose. Members are encouraged to keep a set schedule because the ultimate outcome is a job where keeping to a schedule is expected. The same is true if your goals are higher education.



When can I begin transitional employment?

Most members will be ready for transitional employment in six to nine months. Some may even be ready before six months and some might take longer. It depends on the individual member.