Clubhouse Units

Foot Print to Success Clubhouse currently has a Membership Unit, Career Development Unit, Culinary Unit, Environmental and Gardening Units

Environmental and Gardening Units

Both members and staff working in a specific unit are engaged Environmental Services.
Collect and dispose of trash in assigned location, Sweep entryways and clean walk-off mats, Dust mop hallways, corridors, and other assigned areas, Clean restrooms including moping, disinfecting fixture, Assist in floor spot removal, Replace light bulbs and fuses.

Environmental Unit

Responsible for:

  • Cleaning
  • Physical Inventory
  • Equipment operations and Repairs
  • Security and Safety of the Clubhouse Building


Membership Unit

Membership / Data Entry provide members with the opportunity to learn clerical and communication skills, Members will:

  • Greet visitors to the Clubhouse in a friendly, and professional manner
  • Schedule clubhouse Tours: Mondays at 1-2p.m. and Thursdays 10-11 a.m.
  • Open mail and initial mail with date and time opened
  • Place mail on CEO’s desk
  • All potential membership applications are to be entered into the database
  • Notify the CEO of all potential membership applications
  • Production of the monthly newsletter
  • Typing, photocopying, shredding, mailing, faxing, and filing
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Answering the phone and taking messages and placing all callers in log book


Career Development Unit

Education Unit provides members with the opportunity to sharpen their computer skills and participate in educational and vocational workshops. Members will:

  • Use tutorial and educational software to learn new skills
  • Search for jobs
  • Learn to type
  • Write articles for our monthly newsletter
  • Learn communication and interviewing skills
  • Learn how to fill out job applications
  • Learn how to write a resume
  • Explore educational opportunities; GED, vocational, community college courses
  • Write blogs, update Facebook, etc.



Membership at Foot Print to Success Clubhouse may give you the confidence to seek a job in the community. The clubhouse offers several options for members who desire and are ready to commit to the responsibilities of employment. Members who re-enter the workforce are encouraged to comminute to come to the clubhouse and to attend our monthly worker’s dinner.

Transitional Employment: A TE job is a time opportunity, usually 6-9 months in duration. TE positions belong to the Clubhouse. In TE the Clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with employer and provides onsite training and support with back-up coverage.

Supported Employment (SE): An SE job is an employment opportunity that is not time-limited. The position belongs to member. There is a competitive element to the interview process. In SE the clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and assists with job development and training. SE jobs may be full time or part time. The Clubhouse does not provide absence coverage.

Independent Employment (IE): Independent employment positions may be full or part time, and belong to the member, who has participated in a fully competitive interview process. The Clubhouse does not commit to a formal relationship with the employer or provide absence coverage. The Clubhouse assists with career development, job searches and job choice should the member wish it.


Culinary Unit

Being a part of this unit allows you the chance to work in a “cafeteria kitchen” environment.

  • It is here you can learn various cooking methods while preparing our daily breakfast and lunch menus.
  • Also, in this unit you have an opportunity to work in our Snack Bar.
  • Shopping for food and food inventory is a part of job responsibilities of this unit.
  • The brand new Foot Print to Success Clubhouse teaching kitchen is the only one in Broward County for individuals that we serve. Please call us today at 954-657-8010 to schedule a tour.